Dak Prescott has done a lot more than expected coming out of the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft, and the Dallas Cowboys are ready to pay out. While having the second most wins since being drafted, leading the Dallas Cowboys to two playoff appearances, tying the Dallas Cowboys record in a single franchise season in his rookie year, Dak has done more than impress the fans of the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Dak takes enough scrutiny, but looking at his numbers since being drafted in 2016, he has an incredible advantage in stats compared to the quarterbacks in his draft class. Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz shining the most out of the draft Class, Dak Prescott has made his case against the two versus who, in terms of more valuable team assets, should be payed the most. While having more wins, less interceptions and the most passing yards out of the three, Dak Prescott is making Americas team great again.

On terms of $35 million a year, Dak Prescott’s agent, Todd France, first offer to the Dallas Cowboys was for a contract worth $34 million a year. Now I am not sure what a great business man like Jerry Jones believes, but any bright man knows never to take someones first offer serious. Todd France is looking for the best interest of his clients, however this does not always work out for the teams needs.

Containing a multitude of superstars, the Dallas Cowboys have to disperse their money out in order to make sure everyone gets fed. Jerry Jones is known to be the best business man in sports, and to my sources knowledge, Jerry Jones pointed out a major point to remind Todd France and Dak Prescott. Being the quarterback of Americas team comes with a lot of perks, Pepsi, Campbells soup, Adidas, Direct TV, and Oikos yougurt (who dropped Cam Newton for Dak Prescott) all endorse Dak. Jerry Jones brought up the beautiful point that these endorsements are not their for quarterbacks of other teams.

While passing all quarterbacks in his draft class in almost every stat and still only being drafted in the fourth round, the Dak Prescott contract could be placed on hold until a realistic number comes to mind.

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