Maybe not the most useful facts to bring up at the dinner table but it’s the offseason, and what better to do than bulk up on knowledge from the NFL. The main purpose for this article is to impress your buddies at the bar, and to understand that I have already done the one thing that you will not have to do after reading these facts is fact check.

Aaron Rodgers is 0-37 when heading into the fourth quarter, down by one point or more, against a team over .500

Understand that this stat does not include the post season. However, contrary to popular belief, Aaron Rodgers is not clutch under these circumstances. November 16th, 2018, is the most recent addition when Aaron Rodgers lost to the Minnesota Vikings. Now you can argue that week one against the Chicago Bears (and Khalil Mack’s first meeting with Rodgers) that Aaron Rodgers brought the Packers back from a seventeen point deficit in the fourth quarter, but what fun would that make this absurd stat?

Without Eli Manning the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots would have an undefeated season

Take into consideration that Eli Manning today is almost no different than the Eli Manning we all knew and loved for ending Tom Brady’s undefeated season. Most likely the reason that the New York Giant’s are still holding onto Eli Manning today is for reasons like such. Any time Eli Manning has made the playoffs and not won a super bowl, he lost in the first round. With Eli Manning ending the Dallas Cowboys perfect season in not only week one of the Dallas Cowboys 2016-17 NFL season, Eli also helped the Dallas Cowboys to their second loss in New York effortlessly ending the Dallas Cowboys hope at a 16-0 run into the playoffs.

Ben Roethlisberger has more wins in Cleveland than every brown quarterback since 1999

Surprising? I did not think so either. Big Ben has more than enough accomplished in his career to be honored in Pittsburgh, so why would that not mean owning the leashes to the infamous ‘Dog Pound’. Cleveland could have stopped Big Ben by ultimately drafting the kid from Ohio with the sixth overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, but instead the Browns did what they do best and went elsewhere with their pick. Holding the key to Cleveland, Roethlisberger is 22-2 against Cleveland and 11-2 in Cleveland. I would throw a ‘LeBron being the king of Cleveland’ joke in here, but I write for BallOnThe25 because I’d rather write this list than watch LeBron in the NBA.

An NFL game score can end 6-1

If you read that careful enough, the final score of an NFL game can be [Dallas Cowboys: 6 / New England Patriots: 1]. Pay attention because this can be hard to explain. If the Dallas Cowboys score a touchdown then go for the two point conversion, and the New England Patriots manage to force a safety on the Dallas Cowboys two point conversion attempt, the New England Patriots would be rewarded with one point. Now this will most likely never happen, but now you can bet your buddy at the bar that there is a way to score one point in the NFL.

The NFL Pro Bowl gets more views than any NBA game that doesn’t include LeBron

Figuring I should end on a stumper, this fact holds to be true more times than not. There are the few NBA games that have their exceptions, but for the most part the NFL’s least watched game still gets more views than any NBA game that does not include LeBron. Thinking more in depth, who really cares what any team in the NBA has been doing if they have no stardom on their team? For numbers sake, and in only one instance to help back your argument at the bar, the NFL pro bowl in 2018 had over eight million views, and the average viewership of an NBA game is one million per game. Meaningless football games are exciting to watch when every player in that purposeless game are exciting to watch have fun.

Weird enough, all of these facts are to be true. Most of these facts mean nothing, but can be fun to bring up in conversation and help you bend an argument between you and the boys. Anyways I hope you win a free beer from your buddy’s tab at the bar from these facts.

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