Yeah, I know it has been a while since my last post. I know this is a little late, but it can be even better because now most of you have seen this post and I feel no pity about spoiling Endgame for you.

In honor of the SECOND HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME (Avengers Endgame… coming for you Avatar) we decided to recast the Avengers using NFL Stars. As a giant MCU fan, this was the perfect way to bridge the gap between superheroes and superstars.

Here are the recasts for The Avengers…. with NFL’s Stars

Captain America – Tom Brady

brady america

Embrace debate here. Many people are going to say “but Captain America is loved by everyone!” “Everyone hates Tom Brady”.
I throw in your face, 6 Super Bowl Wins. The guy does what it takes to win, no matter the cost or the situation. He embodies what it takes to be an American, the spirit of, not matter the score or how far you are down.

This man literally embodies what it means to be an Captain America. Too small, too slow, wasn’t good enough. Tom Brady proved everyone wrong when he was taken in the 6th round. Brady gets what it takes….

Just Win Baby.

Iron Man – Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers iron man

Playboy, Billionaire, Philanthropist….

Okay so Aaron Rodgers may not be the best the exact description of what Tony Stark embodies. However, his swagger and trendy styles tend to fit this description. He has a doctorate in humanities from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (okay this is honorary but it is still one more doctorate than Captain America has.

The flip side of the best quarterback in the game discussion against Brady, Rodgers makes miracles happen. Hell, in one of the teaser trailers, it even says “this is our Hail Mary”.

You tell me this isn’t fated to happen.

Thor – Rob Gronkowski

thor gronk

Against what the group voted for, I am pulling an audible and putting Gronk as Thor.

Even though Gronk is retired, technically I would say Thor is somewhat retired as well. While George Kittle was the other suggestion, Rob Gronkowski is Thor. There is not another person on this list that has a similar personality and could easily step into that role tomorrow.

The man loves to party, knows how to have a good time, and is  the king of the NFL. Plus, if you saw Endgame, you know Gronk might be the only person in the country that can physically keep up with Fat Thor’s drinking habits.

Rob Gronkowski is the NFL’s version of Thor.

Nick Fury – Bill Belichick

fury as belicheck

Master manipulator, schemer, and playing chess while the opponents don’t even own a checkerboard…. Nick Fury is Bill Belichick.

Belichick is always one step ahead of the game in every facet. From personnel to bending the rules, he knows what it takes and how to achieve it. He isn’t above doing the dirty work to make things happen as well.

I know this is the only one where I used the original actor, but how damn good does Samuel L. Jackson look in that hoodie?

The Hulk – JJ Watt

jj watt hulk

This man could crush my skull with either of his arms.


Hawkeye – Jason Witten

witten hawkeye.pngTalk about an old guy that doesn’t know when to quit. Hawkeye is retired, unretires, retires and unretires again. Brett Favre would be the logical choice but Jason Witten got this role from surprising everyone out of nowhere with his decision to leave the ESPN booth to come back to the game.

Jesus…. just stay in retirement, both of you.

Some Random Hydra Agent – Matthew Berry?

Okay so this is not actually a recast, but an appreciation for Matthew Berry being side by side with Robert Redford in his last role before retirement. I can’t find the picture of this happening, but I think it is so random and surreal, it’s perfect.

It is one of those if you blink you miss moments, but if you did notice it on your first showing of Endgame, props to you.

It is even better when Matthew Berry rips LeShaun McCoy on twitter for spoiling “Toney” Stark’s death:

Spiderman – Patrick Mahomes

mahomes spiderman.png

Insert the kid.

Patrick Mahomes is an absolute phenom and sensation that has taken the league by storm. With Iron Man and Captain America leaving, the league is left in good hands with the kid. Simply put, Patrick Mahomes is a superstar that will continue to dominate the scene for years to come.

Spiderman is the future of the Avengers, Mahomes is the future of the NFL.

Love this? Hate this? Want More?

Let me know.

Comment below or send me your suggestions at @BallOnThe25 or @MovieGoerFelts

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