Creating a connotation of false hope amongst Dallas Cowboys fans is old news. April 2nd, 2019, Randy Gregory signed a two year contract worth just short of a million dollars. I am here to speak on the positives and negatives of this situation.

Eating our veggies first, Randy Gregory has been suspended four times in his career. Not being on the field much since being drafted out of Nebraska in 2015, Gregory was projected as a top twenty pick after failing a drug test at the NFL draft. Gregory fell into the Dallas Cowboys hands in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft at pick sixty. Needless to say Gregory has been nothing but a liability for the Dallas Cowboys since being drafted.

Before getting into the dessert, the main course of this meal is letting you know why the Dallas Cowboys made this move. Playing in only twenty eight games and being suspended four times in his career out of three seasons, Gregory has always had his suspensions reduced. Meaning the Dallas Cowboys have hopes that Gregory will be effective to play in the next two years and look at a two year contract for less than one million dollars as a bargain. Ultimately the decision is low risk, high reward in the eyes of Jerry Jones.

Cherry on the top of this one, Gregory although facing so many dilemmas in his career, has been more than prolific. Causing two forced fumbles, having six sacks, eleven tackles for a loss, forty five combined tackles, and thirty four solo tackles in the 2018 season, after being suspended for the 2017 NFL season was enough of a threat as any pass rusher. Demarcus Lawrence being on the other side of the defensive line helps Gregory as well. Lawrence being the number one sack leader in the NFL helps the attention move from Gregory, if reinstated into the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys history plays a massive role in Jerry Jones decision to bring Gregory back as well. Hall of fame pass rusher, Charles Haley has taken Gregory under his wing. Haley faced problems with his mental health throughout his hall of fame career, Haley came out about his problem while being a player on the San Fransisco 49er’s. The 49er’s cut Haley, but reluctantly Haley was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys in efforts to help Haley with his mental health issues. In return Charles Haley made a comeback to help the Dallas Cowboys franchise reach their fifth Super Bowl ring, but Haley’s fifth ring himself.

Mainly what I would like for anyone who is reading this to take out of this, is that the NFL is a fickle business. If Randy Gregory gets another shot at the NFL, then that is amazing for how far he has come. If Randy Gregory truly is indefinitely suspended from the NFL, then the Dallas Cowboys helped a player who had mental health issues all they could.

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