The AAF is gone.

After 8 weeks in the inaugural season, the AAF has ceased all operations after Tom Dundon decided to pull the funding plug, incurring a loss of almost 70 million dollars.

The unexpected and sudden news left many players ‘high and dry’, players that sustained injuries during the season are being forced to find their own ways to cover medical expenses. In addition to the medical expenses, players were forced to find their own transportation home and the teams are sticking players with housing expenses.

Gionni Paul, former Salt Lake Stallion, summed it up perfectly. Paul suffered a broken arm Saturday and had surgery on Sunday. His tweet on Wednesday perfectly sums up the mood with players:

Adrien Robinson, former Memphis Express player, discovered a charge of $2,500 from a team hotel.

Players took to Twitter to discuss the abrupt ending with Johnny Manziel being the voice of reason for the players:

The only comment the AAF has had at this time is a tweet to inform everyone that players were now authorized to talk to NFL teams about possible opportunities.

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