Manziel in AAF debut with the Memphis Express

( 5att / 3cmp / 48yds / 9.6ypa / 0td / 0int / 2 rush att / 20yds rushing / 1 sack )

Beating the almighty Alabama in the SEC as a redshirt freshmen, winning the Heisman trophy, and being selected by Cleveland in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, are just a few of Johnny Manziel’s most memorable moments on the field. When cut by the Cleveland Browns due to lack of success and immaturity off of the field, most NFL fans were more than upset that such a huge talent was leaving the NFL.

Football fans in America rejoiced when Manziel was picked up last season by the Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football League (CFL) then traded to the Alouettes. Keeping up with Manziel in his one season and two team tenor in the CFL, clearly showed the CFL was not the place for him to transform back into the well known Johnny Football.

With hope to see glory prevail, Manziel was traded to the Alouettes where he was to start at quarterback. Ultimately, Manziel was a snore. Racking up 1290 yards, five touchdowns, and seven interceptions over the last eleven weeks of the season. Manziel failed in the CFL because his culture runs on allowing Johnny, to be Johnny.

Respectfully thanking the CFL for the opportunity through social media, Manziel then tweeted, “I look forward to exploring options in the United States”. My sources say Manziel had been looking for an out and the Alliance of American Football (AAF) was his opportunity.

Signing with the (1-5) Memphis Express in the AAF on March 19th, 2019, Manziel was put into another grease fire of an organization. Taking on the Birmingham Iron (5-1), Manziel suited up in less than a week of signing with the organization. Manziel began as backup to Brandon Silvers but in the middle of the second quarter the coach of Memphis went ahead and through Johnny Football into the game.

First play of the game Manziel rocked a play action read, throwing the jets through a loop with a first down off of a twenty yard gain. Johnny Football treated the pocket like a frying pan with his scrambles. Then after the twenty yard rush, Manziel dropped a forty three yard long bomb with reading the defensive coverage perfect.

Coach of Memphis was obviously just taking his new toy for a test run. Brandon Memphis brought the game to overtime against Birmingham at 31-25. Considering his short time in the Memphis system, Manziel is sure to stay in the limelight.

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