Former Oklahoma State wide receiver, James Washington, has impressed us all little by little in Pittsburgh, but I believe he will be the starting slot receiver in the upcoming 2019 season, and here’s why.

As second round draft pick and Biletnikoff award winner of the 2017 season for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, all eyes should shift to Washington in Pittsburgh. With sixteen receptions in the fourteen starts and 217 yards, Washington recorded a little over thirteen yards per catch. Understanding that Washington didn’t receive the most respect due to Antonio Brown, who is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, the in house MVP for the Steelers.

The real debate for Washington to start as the slot position depends on Ryan Switzer. Ryan Switzer, who Pittsburgh received in a trade from the Oakland Raiders was not a bad option for Pittsburgh as well. In college Switzer attained 502 yards from punt returns his freshmen year, and five touchdowns. Switzer took a step back each year at UNC on special teams only recording 502 yards through the next three years, and two touchdowns that only came from his junior year.

Outside of special teams, Switzer in his rookie year for the Dallas Cowboys had game changing fumbles, only six receptions for forty one yards, and zero touchdowns. Traded to the Oakland Raiders, Switzer spent the preseason in Oakland before Jon Gruden traded him to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Switzer turned up for Pittsburgh with thirty six receptions for 253 yards, a seven yard average, and only one touchdown.

Finally coming back to James Washington in this argument, Washington has a better average per catch and will not be outshined by Antonio Brown. Washington is sure to be targeted more, especially with his recent humble attitude. As for personas, Switzer has ‘rabbit ears’ meaning he responds to every unwanted fan on twitter. He just doesn’t know how to handle being a man in the NFL.

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