Big splashes can be made without anyone blinking an eye. Former star wide receiver Randall Cobb has signed with the Dallas Cowboys after meeting with the America’s team at the Cowboys headquarters in Frisco Texas.

Teams like the Cleveland Browns receiving Odell Beckham in a trade, or the Oakland Raiders receiving Antonio Brown in a trade will for sure outshine the Dallas Cowboys receiving Randall Cobb off of the free agency market. These types of number one receiver trades are nothing new for Dallas. Dallas gave a first round draft pick for the almighty Amari Cooper, only to turn their losing season last year into claiming the NFC East title. Don’t let these big fish hopping around in the water outshine what Dallas is doing for their offense.

On a five million dollar one year contract, Randall Cobb was a steal for Dallas who was lacking the slot position after Cole Beasley intended on robbing Dallas of thirty million dollars. Instead Dallas does what they aren’t used to, which is the smart move. By allowing Beasley to test free agency, Dallas took on a veteran slot receiver who can actually open the field for not only Ezekiel Elliott and the run game but for Amari Cooper to not get blanketed by every defensive back.

What has ultimately surprised me with Cobb joining the Dallas is not only have the Dallas Cowboys moved on from Dez Bryant, but the they have also moved on from every receiver that they had on the roster last season. Just three years ago the Cowboys had arguably the best receiving core in the NFL with Dez Bryant putting up numbers, Terrance Williams showing out, and Cole Beasley having a career high. Dallas is turning into a blue blood organization that does not deal with divas and is more focused on succeeding.

Current Cowboys Roster: WR1 Amari Cooper, WR2 Michael Gallup, WR3 Randall Cobb, WR4 Tavon Austin, WR5 Allen Hurns

Amari Cooper showing his pride through twitter after signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

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