Since 1997 the Dallas Cowboys have amounted to almost nothing. Around round five years ago the Dallas Cowboys began to actually show some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Times took a large change when the Dallas Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott in the 2016 NFL draft. However before four years ago the Dallas Cowboys were the butt end of the joke in the NFL with Tony Romo as the quarterback, Dez Bryant as the number one receiver, and Cole Beasley in the slot.

In the 2018 off season the air changed in Dallas when the all time touchdown leader in Dallas Cowboy franchise history Dez Bryant (73) was let go by Dallas in attempts to save cap room space and move on from the aging wideout. Now beginning the free agent spree for the upcoming 2019 season, Cole Beasley followed under the same idea as Dez Bryant for wanting more money and feeling undervalued.

Beasley signed with the Buffalo Bills for just under $30 million on a four year deal at the beginning of the 2019 offseason. Dez Bryant signed with the New Orleans Saints mid 2018 season on a one year deal around $1.5 million while tearing his achilles on his first day of practice taking him out for the rest of the season.

With any divorce in a relationship there are rough patches you must fight and currently Cole Beasley is taking time out of his day to reply to fans on twitter. While initially thanking the Dallas Cowboys nation after signing with the Buffalo Bills, Beasley was quick to come out and say that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won in his seven year tenure with the team.

Cole Beasley’s response is direct fake news. Since the 2016 draft the Dallas Cowboys are 32-16, while having the second most wins in the NFL behind the Patriots. Cole Beasley has benefited as well when in the 2016 the Dallas Cowboys had the most wins in a single season at 13-3 while the slot receiver caught a career high seventy five receptions from rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, as well as having 833 yards also a career high, and recording five touchdowns which also for Beasley a career high.

Dez Bryant added fuel to the fire by responding to Cole Beasley’s response to the fan with a laughing emoji. Now I understand this may be childish but if this all plays a role into the Dallas Cowboys decision making on personnel then so be it. Blue collar, well run, and functional teams win in this league and with the Dallas Cowboys ridding these players from the organization only shows that the Cowboys are more focused on winning as opposed to what their former players have to say on twitter.

Cherishing the time in Dallas that Beasley spent, Dallas Cowboys nation should feel relieved that another burden is out of the locker room as winning derives from dedication. Beasley now having the birth of his second child is not a surprise that he would go after money, but with running to twitter to tweet about his problems makes Beasley more of a child than the man that is supposed to be raising them.

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