A large conversation in the free agency world is whether a player is dedicated to winning, or dedicated to getting paid. With having a new born in his life, as well as a blooming family, Cole Beasley is not focused on winning anymore but more on his family.

There’s nothing wrong focusing on your family life, however the Dallas Cowboys are gunning for a super bowl this year. Respecting Cole Beasley’s decision, the Buffalo Bills have picked Cole Beasley for four years on a $29 million dollar deal. Beasley discussed wanting $20 million guaranteed and this makes sense due to Beasley wanting to ensure his family is insured.

Most NFL fans know that Buffalo is not the place any NFL player wants to take their talents as Buffalo New York is cold, and they have to play Tom Brady twice a year. Nevertheless with new Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen heading into his sophomore year, Beasley should be able to offer some veteran assistance.

When Dak Prescott came into the NFL out of the fourth round and took over for Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo, Dak Prescott impressed the masses going 13-3 setting an all time record for the Dallas Cowboys franchise. A lot of credit is due to the team however Beasley racked up an outstanding seventy five receptions, racking up 833 yards, and having six touchdowns (all career high’s for Beasley.)

Towards the beginning of free agency Beasley discussed his concerns with the front office on not receiving the ball enough only having sixty five receptions mostly in due part of Amari Cooper taking the stage. With Beasley being added to Buffalo the Bills should be in a position to help Josh Allen with growing pains.

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