Mike Holder

Having enough talks on this situation I felt as if it were time for an article. Per sources, the head coach of Oklahoma State (Mike Gundy) has said many times that there is a glass ceiling due to the athletic director of Oklahoma state Mike Holder that holds him back from spending the money on bringing five star recruits. Mike Gundy also included the fact of the matter that if you want to win in the Big XII you have to beat the University of Oklahoma.

Like I said before ‘per sources’ Mike Gundy mentioned to one of my sources that the University of Oklahoma has built a culture around football while having enough money to spend on all of his coaches in order to keep whoever he needs in his program to win. With Oklahoma State coming off of an 8-6 record, Mike Gundy should be upset.

Coach Gundy discussing these concerns should not bring up concerns of Gundy transferring to any other school, however the real discussion should involve the controversy between Mike Holder and a strong mullet (Gundy.) Ideally in situations like you would think the most payed would win out, however Mike Gundy received a $5 Million contract extension and Mike Holder makes around $1 Million annually.

Winning in football is more than important in not only America, but in the Big XII conference alone, Mike Gundy is a man of the people through the American Mullet and shotgun-ing beers on Saturdays mentality. If Oklahoma State wants any hopes on taking the reigns of the Big XII then Mike Gundy will do more than talk to the sources I have in Stillwater Oklahoma on a dispute over what Mike Holder will/will not fund.

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