Keenum to the Redskins

Case Keenum has had a more than eventful career in football so far. Central Texas native rode down to the University of Houston to lead the NCAA in passing yards, touchdowns and completions. Despite the fact that he was a number one priority in the NFL, Keenum still went undrafted and was signed as a free agent to the Houston Texans. Keenum signed as a free agent to the Vikings after the 2016 season, when he gained the spotlight after current Vikings starter, Sam Bradford, suffered a season ending injury. Taking the vikings to 13-3 and the NFC championship game. Keenum impressed most of the NFL when completing a pass to wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, on the last play of the divisional round game against the New Orleans saints, otherwise known as the “Minneapolis Miracle”.

After bringing the Vikings to one of their only successful seasons in franchise history, the Vikings made the decision to cut Keenum and sign Kirk Cousins to a contract for $84 million over the course of three years. After being cut by the Vikings, Keenum took his talents to the Broncos where he had a more than unsuccessful season going 6-10 in the regular season and being eliminated by the Cleveland Browns (of all teams) from any post season hopes.

The Denver Broncos picked up the newly unemployed Joe Flacco in Baltimore and Keenum at this point cannot seem to ever live up to the hype. The Broncos traded Keenum and a seventh round pick for a sixth round pick to the Redskins.

This fresh start for Keenum should be good for every party involved. By this point we all see how evident it is that Keenum has not been in the best scenarios. With the Redskins controlling the NFC East from last season up until Alex Smith suffered what could be a career ending injury. Keenum should suffice if the team shows him the same respect he earned in Minnesota.

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