Earlier today Chiefs Defensive End Chris Jones put a little video on his Instagram story with a certain All-Pro running back.

Le’Veon and Jones seem to be working out together today. It also appears some free agency talk happened between the two. To quote Le’Veon, “what I was in KC going crazy then?” It raises some big questions about the landing spot for Le’Veon Bell, who has flirted with the Colts on Instagram and also had potential ties to the Jets months ago. Could Bell realistically come to the City of Fountains?

The big stories around KC this offseason have come from the defensive side of the ball. Talks of the Chiefs tagging and trading Dee Ford, as well as the inevitable cutting/trading of Justin Houston. With Bob Sutton being let go and a new Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, coming in defense has been the talk of the town. Could it be the perfect way to talk Le’Veon Bell into joining Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill?

With an addition of Le’Veon Bell, one could argue that the Chiefs offense could be one of the most powerful in team history. Include Chris Jones, (a healthy) Eric Berry, Dee Ford (if he isn’t traded), and Kendall Fuller, this could be the best Chiefs team since 1993.

Le’Veon also fits in with the history of strong running backs in Kansas City going back to Abner Haynes, Joe Delaney, Christian Okeye, Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, and Jamaal Charles. One could argue Kareem Hunt was ready to make that push.

With the talks of the Chiefs going after Earl Thomas and Landon Collins only time will tell if Le’Veon is really on the Chiefs radar or if it’s only Chris Jones and Bell blowing smoke during a workout.

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