In 2014, the Dallas Cowboys drafted defensive end Demarcus Lawrence out of Boise State, little did the Cowboys know that they would be drafting a monster on the edge. With a monster on the edge most individuals paying attention to Lawrence’s contract situation thought to see Lawrence test free agency.

As of today (March 4th, 2019) the Dallas Cowboys have wrapped Demarcus Lawrence up on a franchise tag for the second year in a row at $20.57 million. Last year the Dallas Cowboys franchise tagged Lawrence at $17.14 million. A lot to be said when you see failed teams such as the Denver Broncos signing all pro outside line backer, Von Miller to a six year $114 million dollar deal while missing the playoffs once again. You can even look at deals such as Khalil Mack this past year facing contract demands with the Oakland Raiders to be failed as Khalil Mack was traded to the Chicago Bears and racking up more sacks than the entire Oakland Raiders 2018 season.

Frustrated with the deal, Demarcus Lawrence is refusing to show up to practice or get shoulder surgery until a long term deal is reached. With the LeVeon Bell situation at hand last season it would not be a surprise to see Demarcus Lawrence sit out until he ultimately screws the Dallas Cowboys out of cap space to sign anyone else.

Demarcus Lawrence in 2017 racked up an impressive 14.5 sacks (most in the NFL) and followed with the 2018 season with 10.5 sacks. Hopefully the Dallas Cowboys and Demarcus Lawrence will come to an agreeable amount that will make both parties happy.

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