Slot receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Cole Beasley has some unrealistic demands for the Dallas Cowboys franchise. The slot receiver must be in belief that he is more of an asset to the team than Dallas believes to be true.

Un-drafted in 2012, standing at a daunting five foot eight inches tall, Beasley has been more than productive in his career. With 319 receptions, 3,271 yards, and 23 touchdowns in his career, Cole Beasley has done more than any top ten slot receiver (especially for a walk on.)

Cole Beasley is wanting $20 Million guaranteed, and with the roughly $48 million in cap space, I highly doubt that this will happen. Dallas notably has to fork up enough to afford Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and possibly all pro safety Earl Thomas.

Cole Beasley responding to a fan

Cole Beasley is not worth the $20 million guaranteed just about anywhere in the NFL, but will most likely become a free agent with unrealistic expectations as such. High hopes for the Dallas Cowboys negotiations with Beasley, however Beasley has a better chance of reaching 6 foot tall by the beginning of the 2019 season.

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