Another Heisman winning Oklahoma quarterback questioned about his size.

Well here you go people:

Height – 5’10.1″

Weight – 207 lbs

Oklahoma’s Pro-Day is March 13th. This will be a very important day for Kyler since he is in fact not throwing at the combine. There are theories behind him not wanting to throw. One of those theories imply that he doesn’t want to stand next to the bigger quarterbacks such as Haskins & Lock. I believe Kyler should throw but I understand why he wouldn’t. I think he has the best arm in the draft, and I know he has the best legs when it comes to quarterbacks. That’s not what Kingsbury is sweating. He knows Kyler has a crazy good football IQ. You put all three of those things together and you have a franchise quarterback.

The comparison between Russel Wilson and Kyler Murray can be made if you’re talking about size. But don’t compare their abilities. I respect Wilson and all he has accomplished, but barring injury, Kyler will be much better in my opinion and it really won’t be close.

In all seriousness this was a bigger deal than it should have been. Kyler will get drafted number 1 overall. And Oklahoma will have back to back Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks that are also the first pick in their respected draft class. That’s my bold statement. Write it down.

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