Who doesn’t remember the great Johnny Football back at A&M? Pure electricity coming from a quarterback who many consider to be the greatest player in college football history. Well Mr. Manziel is finished in the CFL and looking for “an opportunity to play in the USA”. So why not bring Johnny back to his home state where he balled harder than anyone has ever balled? I mean the money man needs a chance at redemption and what league would be better for that than the one that was made for a second chance.

The team Johnny would fall into would either be the Birmingham Iron or San Antonio Commanders. I am thinking the Commanders would be a better fit for him for a few reasons.

  1. Birmingham is set at quarterback with Luis Perez.
  2. He was closer with his A&M crew who fell into the Commanders.
  3. Johnny thrives deep in the heart of Texas.
  4. Commanders need a quarterback.

Logan Woodside has done below average this year and even though he is second in the league in yards with 629, is tied for last among starters with 2 passing touchdowns and has more INTs than TDs this year which is never a good sign. With the speed the athleticism of the Commanders bringing in a quarterback who is desperate for a chance at redemption might be just what they need.

In his last season at A&M, Johnny threw for 4114 yards and 37 touchdowns in the SEC. We all saw how elite he was. Yes he has screwed up since then, but even as he was trying to revive he his career in Montreal he threw for 1290 yards and 5 touchdowns through 8 games. Yes that isn’t the best stat split, but it was his first time starting professionally in well over 2 years. Getting back into the game is hard for anyone, especially when you go through the recovery he has attempted to go through.

Johnny would be a huge get for the Alliance and would instantly bring in viewers and an audience, especially back in Texas where he was more beloved than anywhere else. He would instantly be the biggest name for the league and could possibly bring a new level of fans for the new league chairman Tom Dundon.

Being able to not only bring a new big name to the league but a brand new level of offensive potential for one of the teams in The Alliance is something that this blogger is beyond here for.


Called it.

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