Week three of the Commanders’ season is in the books and holy shit is it starting to look like a train wreck.

After a Week 1 win, things seemed great for San Antonio fans. Even the week 2 “nailbiter” loss to Orlando didn’t seem that bad. Well that was until the Fleet floated up & dropped anchor on February 24th.

You couldn’t ask for a better start to a game. A pick by Bausby that gave San Antonio great field position for their opening drive. Then, BAM, 1st play of the drive is a 47 yard dot from Woodside toMcKay. With a successful 2 point conversion the score was 8-0 Commanders.

During the next drive, Woodside threw a great ball into the endzone for a touchdown. Unfortunately, there was a crucial holding penalty that would lead to a 3rd down interception by the Fleet.

This is where the wheels fall off for San Antonio.

After a quick touchdown by San Diego, they failed the two-pointconversion which honestly never really mattered. I guess Woodside forgot hiscontacts on the bus because he threw a rocket for a pick 6. His second pick of the 1st half. The Fleet scored one more touchdown before halftime. Time for a break.

Coach Riley had quite the halftime speech ready for the Commanders:

I’m not even going to waste your time with a second halfrecap.


I will tell you that Gardner is the fastest midget on the planet and he is disguised as San Diego’s running back. He scored the only second half touchdown and it was a doozie.

All the Commanders could muster was 3 sad points. Final score: 31-11 San Diego.

If you are a San Antonio fan like myself, you hate to see your team get shit on. But, I have something to say that might make you feel better. You can save 15% or more on car insurance if you switch to Geico. Other than that, we are pretty much screwed.

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