We finally officially know the Head Coach for Washington DC’s XFL team and it is Michigan’s former Associate Head Coach & Passing Game Coordinator, Pep Hamilton.

The comes a few weeks after the announcement of Bob Stoops as the Head Coach of XFL Dallas, making 2 of the XFL’s head coaches from the college coaching ranks. With talks of the XFL considering underclassmen to play in the league it is not a surprise that Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon are going the college rout when it comes to their Coaches. However, when it comes to Pep Hamilton, his resume features both college and professional football making him more of a double threat despite never being a head coach.

The speculation of who will be named the next HC/GM is already under way as former Washington Redskins Head Coach and Seattle Seahawks Quarterback is rumored to be the candidate for XFL Seattle.

The XFL’s press conference formally announcing Pep Hamilton as Head Coach and General Manager begins at 12:00PM CST on XFL.com and on twitter @XFL2020

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