The news of yesterday’s Dundon invest and apparent missing of payroll brought out a lot of folks who seem to think that XFL 2020 is going to be superior to the AAF. Rick Neuheisal alluding to the XFL starting the rumors about payroll sure mixed things up later in the day. Twitter certainly has pro-XFL AAF critics in the mentions throughout the twitter-verse .

Now to be fair this isn’t anyone truly credibility, but the XFL already has a growing fanbase. Fans of the nostalgia of the original XFL came instantly after McMahon’s announcement last year. Personally, I believe the rivalry is good for both. The AAF playing this season and establishing fans is great for spring football as a whole. Honestly I think there are more powerful forces at work for the AAF and XFL. I highly doubt that Vince McMahon would have his league push damaging rumors at the league of Dick Ebersol’s, McMahon’s longtime friend and business partner, son. Later this week I will putting out a blog aimed at what I believe is really happening with the AAF-XFL rivalry. There are some very interesting things you need to see.

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