It has been a interesting 2 days for The Alliance of American Football. From rumors of the league not being able to pay their players to Tom Dundon investing $250 Million and becoming league Chairman, the AAF was big news in the sports world. What turned out to be rather inaccurate fallacy on the part of the sources that tipped off Darren Rovell yesterday led the new league down an interesting path as teams prepared for Week 3 of the season.

The Head Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, made his weekly appearance on FM 96.9 in Orlando this morning and shined a new light on the investment made by Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon. Spurrier is quoted on saying, “I think what happened is an original investor sort of led us into believing he could come up with the money to get us through the first year, and then he sort of bailed out. He didn’t have it, and we found Tom Dundon.” He would go on to say, “…we’re all set to go for quite a while.”

It appears the saga of the missing money is finally coming to a close thanks to the checkbook of Tom Dundon, the conspiracy theory of Rick Neuheisal and the explanation from Steve Spurrier.

I’ll leave you with this. To no one’s surprise the Head Ball Coach is very quickly becoming the face of the AAF and that is a truly beautiful thing.

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