We are 171 days from the only football video game on a counsel to be released. Since the NCAA/EA Sports can’t figure their shit out and Gridiron Champions isn’t slated to be released until 2020 ( I am a proud investor into the insider program #BringBackGreatness), we are only able to play the annual release of Madden.

Between Madden 18 and Madden 19, the key single player feature was the inclusion of the “Longshot”, the story of Devin Wade (and later Colt Cruise), the story of a former highly rated prospect that had to work his way into the NFL, playing in the “Legends Game”, where former NFL players and guys who didn’t make the roster get a chance to compete in front of NFL scouts. Sound Familiar?

This is exactly what the Alliance represents in present day, a chance for current and former players to make a splash. The inclusion of the AAF in Madden would allow for the expansion of teams, and open a new world to

For the older Madden fans, a combination of Superstar Mode and Connected Careers would be incredible. Imagine a storyline of being an undrafted rookie and cut in the preseason in your first year.


You are drafted into the Alliance and eventually become a star of the league, finally getting that second chance into the NFL, where you actually succeed make the 54-man roster.

On the flip side, you could also be a head coach that was recently fired from an NFL gig. A chance to win that Alliance Championship could be the one-way ticket back into the big time.

This is an opportunity to expand Madden, while at the same time increase interest for the AAF. The more a casual fan will play with an Alliance team will inherently increase interest. In addition, Madden could use a new feature that would involve more teams and a chance to experiment with the new rules the AAF uses. Recently it feels like every rendition of the game involves minor changes and new rosters, It is time to make a fresh start for Madden and bring back a meaningful career mode.

Plus….. how damn good does Steve Spurrier look on the cover. HBC would shatter the Madden Curse.

Stay tuned for our official Ball On The 25 – Madden 19 Wishlist. (Comment any Suggestions below)

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