AAF Attendance figures though two weeks:

Fleet @ San Antonio Commanders 27,857
Legends @ Orlando Apollos 20,191
Express @ Birmingham Iron 17,039
Stallions @ Arizona Hotshots 15,000

Apollos @ San Antonio Commanders – 29,176
Legends @ San Diego Fleet – 20,019
Stallions @ Birmingham Iron – 17,319
Hotshots @ Memphis Express – 11,980

What the Hell Memphis?

11,980 is weak. Listen, I get it is tough to go to a football game where the high is 42 degrees, but you get a legitimate chance to have a professional football league and this is what you turn up? I expected more. There was no Grizzlies game and the only big concert in town was Bel Biv DeVoe… seriously? I have to wonder if the Alliance could have snuck into St. Louis and had a better turnout.

Overall though these are pretty good numbers; anything over 15,000 is cause for optimism. Listen. All of these teams are smaller market teams attempting to promote their brand of football with little known figures. There are minimal stars around the league, but I expect these to get better as it warms up outside and teams are actually able to start marketing the stars of The Alliance.

San Antonio fans? You guys rock. An average of 28,500 is better than the Los Angeles Chargers. I was just at the Alamodome for the Alamo Bowl in December and trust me, when that place has people in it, it knows how to get loud and is a phenomenal atmosphere for football. The Commander fans have risen to the challenge and are ready for more.


I am looking forward to seeing the turnout in Atlanta and Salt Lake City this weekend, I am expecting big things for Atlanta, they turnout in great numbers for the NFL and have an astonishing attendance figure for the MLS. I am guessing they will hit the 25,000 mark.

Don’t worry, we are only 68 days away from the Alliance Championship in Las Vegas; buckle up folks.

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