February, that awful time of the year where the Super Bowl Champion is crowned and football disappears from sight till the NFL draft.

Well that’s how it used to be.

That was until The Alliance of American Football snuck into our lives and gave us the beautiful thing that is Spring Football! Personally, as a massive football guy, I’m beyond ecstatic about spring football and what it entails. He’ll, I’ve watched “Small Potatoes: Who Killed The USFL” more times than I can count. However, when you watch football as much as humanly possible it’s hard to sit through the NBA and Spring Training Baseball. Luckily, we are entering a more enlightened age of sports where once again football plays from January right on through December. 12 months of football. Nothing better than that.

With football going 25/7/365 don’t you deserve a place to go and get non-stop football coverage? That’s what Austin Felts and myself came to realize. There is no place that commits that time to covering ALL football, ALL the time. That’s right we mean all football. We are talking Alliance, Canadian, College, and NFL Football all year long.

That’s where we come in.

Ball On The 25 is the home of raw football talk from the hungry, determined folks that love talking it. Ever person you’ll see writing for Ball On The 25 is like the D-Lineman you see suiting up on Saturday for the San Diego Fleet. You don’t know his name you just know he believes he has talent and he wants to show you what he’s got.

That is what we are happy to promote here at Ball On The 25. Everyone is hungry to show they’ve got that IT factor.

So join us on this journey. A journey that aims to give you football all day, everyday because Ball On The 25 is where football never ends!

Will Fite

Follow Will on Twitter-@Big12FanWill

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