Week 2 of the highly anticipated Alliance of American Football is here and past. These are my observations from Week 1 and Week 2:


  • FOOTBALL IS BACK – what a first two weeks for the Alliance. The rollout of the entire league went off without a hitch (minus some horrendous officiating in the box). Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian should be able to sit back after the first two weeks and say “mission accomplished” for opening weekend. Matching the NBA on ABC (both 2.1 ratings) shows that America wants football. Even though the XFL in 2001 opened with an even bigger audience (10.5 rating), in the world of social media, it will be possible to show lower audience ratings while having a higher impression and engagement rate.
  • DEGENERATES — This time between football and baseball is agony for those who refuse to bet on basketball. I absolutely hate betting of basketball due to the ridiculous backdoor covers and unpredictable games (See every single basketball game of all time).However, salvation is here. Not sure there was a blinder pick than betting the opening game, but here we are. ATS 3-1-0 (damn you Atlanta). For those of us that pay attention to each game, this should give us a bigger advantage over the average gambler who pays little attention. I will be giving my picks on Friday.
  • INNOVATION- The rule changes presented in the games are phenomenal. No kickoffs, quicker play clocks, and no TV timeouts provided the perfect amount of action without the lapses in time. More plays=more attention brought to games lacking the NFL star power.Mic’ing up coaches and players might be a nightmare for CBS and the nationally televised games, but it was a refreshing breath of air for football fans nationwide. In addition, allowing us to hear what the replay official is thinking allows the opportunity to increase transparency, something lacking in today’s game. It was incredible to watch the first touchdown in Alliance history coming from a call that was overturned in the box after the replay official, on air, worked her way through the call.

One thing I would like to see changed is the illegal defense on the goal line (within the 5) in addition to screens plays (San Antonio was called on this).

  • PATRICK MAHOMES – Is Mahomes on the hot seat after this?

(Take note of the similar jerseys)

  • OBC –The Apollos running RPO’s all day, the Philly Special, and dropping a 40-burger in the opener. After Week 2, I think they have over take the Hotshots as the favorites to win the league thanks to their 37-29 gritty road victory in the AlamoDome.Steve Spurrier is the coach to beat right now, plus he still knows how to toss shade at Tennessee.

  • DEFENSE- Real football is back baby.



  • OFFENSES- Minimal points and lopsided scores provided a good first two weekends for The Alliance, but a league average of a little over 19 PPG was probably not what was in mind. This is supposed to be an offensive driven league, but this should have been expected with only 21 days of practice in the preseason. Offense is based off synchronicity and rhythm. There is a reason the Collegiate Bowl and Senior Bowl doesn’t produce the best games; there is just not enough time for these teams to build an offensive rhythm. From QB/WR timing to O-Line play (especially), look for these to grow in the coming weeks.
  • UNIFORMS—Maybe this is just me blowing it out of proportion, but most of the uniform combinations look like something made from a Madden Team Relocation (mainly the Hotshots). Similarly, the purple on the legends and some of the uniform gimmicks just make this look like semi-professional teams. In addition, last night was confusing to watch with the Fleet and Legends wearing a similar type of purple/grey.

The Ugly

  • WHY—just why?


  • CHRISTIAN HACKENBURG—How in the actual fuck did this guy get drafted in the second round and get paid over $5 million?

Classic God Damn Jets.

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